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Websites track users to monitor your online behavior. This is often so they can provide a tailored online experience and show targeted ads.

Most of us are aware that websites track us when we browse the web. We’ve all had the experience of looking for a product online, and then having advertisements for the same product follow us around for weeks on end.

So to safeguard the people of India from these trackers I made Hind.com to look the content from the structured data option to customise level that what you search can not come in other peoples track where as there is high tracker rate in google and other engine.

Hind.com the search engine of india the pride of india to visit the site please go through our site http://xmsindia.c1.biz

Due to green weblling method a new server method your data is secured tight .The search engine is not asking any private details like account etc. It is totally private. It is totally encrypted and no one can view it what have u searched.

So today only shift to hind.com for supporting made in india. The links are present below:-

Link : http://xmsindia.c1.biz

Hi i am Sourab i m a web and app developer and also a search engine optimizer and my age is ony 16years old. For search engine optimization mail: xms7210@gmail.com,xms7210@protonmail.ch but no calls will be permitted. For more whatsapp no :

+91 7384027210

Please visit us on our github site https://github.com/Lemon-India/Hind.com and make sure to follow us.

And yes it will have google as default engine due to the rule of authentication if any one wants to know how to set hind .com as default mail at xms7210@gmail.com or at xms7210@protonmail.ch

And for the hind search engine Android App link:

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Sourab Ghosh (xms) founder of Lemon India.llc

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Apps from Lemon.llc our collection very soon we will have a store application for better performance.

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Sourab Ghosh (Xms).